Our Philosophy: Focus on the individual, eliminate the source of the problem, instruct in self-care

If you are familiar with traditional physcial therapy or massage, treatment at HEALTHTOUCH will be unlike any therapy you have experienced before.  We start with a thorough evaluation where we will explore the cause of your symptoms.  Utilizing myofascial release and other effective modalities, we will relieve the tightness in the body that is creating pressures that can create pain and restrict movement.  We will instruct you in an individualized home program to maintain your improvements.  Our focus will be on helping you return to an optimal state of health and wellbeing where you can feel great again.


Our Office Offers 

  • A private, professional, relaxing environment.
  • Comprehensive individualized therapy for the relief of pain, restoration of posture and the return to function.
  • Safe, gentle and powerfully effective treatments including myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, trigger point, deep tissue massage and accupressure. 
  • Instruction in movement awareness and deep three dimensional stretching to achieve and maintain painfree mobility.


Southern California's best pain relief therapies are offerred to you by two highly  skilled practitioners, Lily Fuller and Ruth Fuller.


Myofascial release, deep tissue therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy, trigger point, musculoskeletal alignment, visceral manipulation, Koryo Hand Therapy, sports massage, pregnancy and post partum massage, post surgical treatments and interventions for muscular and neurological problems.






27393 Ynez Rd., Suite 155

Temecula, CA 92591


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