Myofascial Release is One of the Best Investments                                         You'll Make in Your Health

Are you tired of hurting?  Are you frustrated with temporary results?  As an Expert Level Myofascial Release Specialist, former instructor for the National Arthritis Foundation and rehab therapist, I consistently resolve pain, stiffness or movement problems that have not responded to other interventions such as chiropractic, accupuncture, surgery or traditional physical therapy.  Whether you have muscle stiffness from computer overuse,  pain from a new or old injury or a complex neuromuscular problem I will compassionately help you regain a pain-free life.   


I combine  myofascial release with the very best of traditional therapy interventions with state of the art treatments including Craniosacral therapy, Trigger Point and Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Musculoskeletal Alignment, and Visceral Manipulation to successfully address:


Neck Pain                         Acute and Chronic Pain

Knee Pain                        Post-Surgical Dysfunction

TMJ problems                   Scar Tissue Pain

Back Pain                         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sports Injuries                 Myofascial Pain Syndrome           

Shoulder pain                   Restriction of Motion

       Headaches                       Sciatic pain

       Arthritis                           Fibromyalgia 

       Post masectomy pain        Women's Health Issues


What Makes HEALTHTOUCH Different?

I start with a complete evaluation where I will explore the cause of your pain symptoms.  I look at the tightness within the body that creates pressures that can cause pain.  Treatment focuses on relieving this tightness, taking the pressure off pain sensitive structures, restoring function and reducing or eliminating pain.  Contrast this to traditional therapy which looks at pain through a weakness model and gives you strenghtening exercises in an effort to reduce pain.  But the tissue needs lengthening not strengthening, so the traditional treatment is often unsuccessful.  Patients will return to physical therapy 2-3 times a week to exercise, locked in a cycle of continued pain and the underlying cause of the symptom is never addressed.


Massage therapy can have short term benefits, providing relaxation, but it does not address the cause of your symptoms so the relief does not last.  At HEALTHTOUCH I offer safe, gentle consistently effective results that last. Within the first one to three sessions you will feel a definite improvement in your condition!


Chiropractic can be beneficial but often you need to return quite frequently just to keep the pain reduced.  Bones do not move out of place by themselves; tight soft tissue pulls them out of place!  Chiropractors report that when patients receive our myofascial release and craniosacral therapy treatments they are able to make adjustments with greater ease and that the adjustments hold much longer. At HEALTHTOUCH I work with you to resolve the underlying causes of your symptoms. 


I provide holistic health solutions and resources to help you feel great again. 

Experience the difference!

Regain your quality of life

I can help with pain, muscle stiffness, injury rehabilitation, neurological problems, postural improvement and regaining freedom of movement.  I work with children and adults, addressing problems that have not responded to previous surgeries, therapies and medications.


Southern California's  most effective pain relief therapy by expert Myofascial Release Specialist, Liliana (Lily) Fuller, trained personally by world famous, Myofascial Release icon, John F. Barnes








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