Scientists recognize The Interstitium, The Largest Organ in the Body

“ The organ made up all of the fascia, or the thin mesh of tissue separating every muscle and all of the tissue around every vein and artery, from the largest to the smallest. What initially seemed to be a solid, dense connective tissue layer was actually complex network of fluid filled cavities that are strong and flexible, yet so tiny and undiscerning that they escaped the attention of the brightest scientific minds for generations.”


Myofascial Release and Fibromyalgia      

Researchers at the University of Almeria in Spain published the the results of  a study examining the efficacy of myofascial release techniques to improve the quality of life of fibromyalgia sufferers.  The study examined 74 fibromyalgia patients by splitting them into groups that received either myofascial release treatments or a placebo over a 20 week period.  The patients were surveyed at both one month and six month intervals following their last treatment.  Those who received myofascial release treatments reported significantly improved quality of life, improved sleep patterns, and reduced anxiety over the placebo group.  The results were published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.



Office Announcements

09/01/17 Ruth Fuller completed a course in Myofascial Release with John F. Barnes and Rob Maggio, PT in San Diego, CA.

10/10/16 Ruth Fuller completed additional Myofascial Release studies in Sedona, AZ, with John F Barnes covering the Fascial Pelvis.

9/14/13 Lily  Fuller attended the 2 day American Massage Conference in San Diego,CA where she completed a day of training on Myofascial Mastery: The Essential Elements of Superlative Work with Til Luchau

9/8/13  Lily Fuller completed a 3 day seminar, Healing Voice-Liberation through the Ecstacy of Chant with British sound healer Jill Purce at the IONS Institute in Petaluma,CA

3/18/13  Lily Fuller has completed a 24 hour class, Tong Ren Healing: Integrative Healing for the 21st Century in San Jose, CA with Joseph Lucier, LMT, AOBTA, NANP

12/12-1/13  Lily Fuller has successfully completed a ten hour online training series on Myofascial Anatomy with Thomas Myers.

6/25/12  Ruth Fuller has returned from additional studies in myofascial release with John F. Barnes completing a 4 day class in Advanced Myofascial Unwinding in Sedona, Arizona

 4/23/12 Lily Fuller has just completed 16 hours of study with James

Waslaski: Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Cervical and Shoulder Conditions and Pelvic Stabilization; and Elite Sports Therapy at the 3 day American Massage Conference in San Diego. 

8/29/11  Lily Fuller has completed a 12 hour class of Autonomic Response Testinf(ART I) held at University of California, San Diego.  This is the groundbreaking work developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, 2007 International Physician of the Year, to unveil hidden core issues affecting health and affect what he has identified as the five levels of healing.


3/27/11  Lily Fuller has just successfully completed a 20 hour advanced myofascial release seminar, Quantum Leap, with John F. Barnes,PT in Sedona, Arizona.  Myofascial Release is the leading edge technique that removes cellular restrictions in the body resulting in the resolution of problems that have failed to respond to conventional medications, surgery and other therapeutic interventions.  This highly effective treatment is the missing link and why other therapeutic interventions produce temporary results at best. 

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