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People come to Lily Fuller with simple problems such as muscle tension and stiffness or complex pain and movement problems.  Some clients have been to doctors, chiropractors, accupuncturists and massage therapists and have had no resolution of their symptoms.  Others are seeking to avoid unnecessary surgery or a regimen of pain medication.  We have a long track record of success with most people who see us.  Here are a few comments from our clients:



"After more than 15 years of chronic debilitating neck,shoulder and arm pain, and little or no relief from medication, chiropractic, surgical or physical therapy, I heard about myofascial release therapy and decided to "try one more" attempt at finding relief.

Within hours of my first treatment, pain was greatly reduced and became intermittent for the first time in weeks. Subsequent treatments have brought freedom from pain medication and an increase in mobility that I haven't known in many years.  My family and friends are amazed at my improvement.  Long delayed tasks are been successfully attempted and completed.

I am so grateful for my good health, thanks to Lily Fuller's wisdom and knowledgeable therapy!"

Dorothy Hillegas, Temecula, CA


"Best treatment available!  We have received treatments from Lily Fuller over the past 12 years and would probably be in wheelchairs now if not for her.  Over the years we have been successfully treated for so many issues: a closed head injury, tailbone injury, serious injuries from a mountain bike wipeout, whiplash, post-surgery treatment, and the list goes on.  In each case, physicians have either thrown their hands up with no answer to our pain, prescribe PT that doesn't produce results, or prescribe pain meds.  Always, it is Lily and to the rescue.  Her treatments are not PT as you know it, and not massage as you know it either.  Using primarily Myofascial Release as the treatment method, Lily has been a blessing to our health, both physically and mentally.  If you want something that works, and someone who can achieve that for you, call Lily.  We have recommended this practice to many people over the years and none have been disappointed with the treatment they received."

Linda and Greg Hollingsworth, Lake Elsinore,CA


"After a severe whiplash injury, my health insurance was very limited in how they could help me recover.  If it wasn't for the expertise of Lily Fuller I would still be in pain.  She used various techniques but mainly myofascial release to relieve drooling, facial numbness, headaches and neck pain.  I can enthusiastically recommend both and Lily Fuller for the treatment of any soft tisssue injury.  I'm back to work, painfree!"

Lorena Nash, LVN, Menifee, CA


"What would we do without HEALTHTOUCH?  Several years ago I had intolerable, unrelenting leg pain.  I went to several doctors around town and spent a few thousand dollars on tests and none of them had a clue what to do.  A friend of mine told me about Lily Fuller at HEALTHTOUCH, and I had to give it a try.  I was desperate!  I had no idea what HEALTHTOUCH really was.  Lily Fuller is an amazing woman who understands how the body works and how to relieve pain.  Within only a few treatments I had 80% less pain!  I still go to see Lily once a month to maintain good body health.  I'm over 50 years old and play tennis 4-5 times a week and I'm convinced that I couldn't do this without my HEALTHTOUCH appointments.  In pain?  Call HEALTHTOUCH and start to feel better!"

Heidi Betts, Temecula, CA


"Essential to overall health.  As an aging tennis player, Lily Fuller has helped me stay on the courts!  My monthly visits are essential to keeping me healthy and painfree.  In addition to the magic Lily works in her office, she also helps with routines to do at home to help continue the healing.  I highly recommend her amazing work to anyone who seeks lifelong health!"

Cynthia McCormick, Murrieta, CA


"I came to Lily Fuller after being discharged by the physical therapy department of my local hospital.  Diagnosed with a "frozen shoulder," I couldn't raise my arm to shoulder level, zip clothing, pull a garment over my head, hug a loved one or get a decent night's sleep because of the pain...and that was AFTER 3 months of physical therapy.  Practically speaking, I was losing the use of my left hand and arm.

Today, after 3 months of therapy with Lily, the pain is completely gone.  I have regained my range of motion and can, once again, throw BOTH arms around my husband's neck.  Thank you, Lily!"

Gale Lewis, Vista, CA


The best thing I ever did!  I was told that I had to have major back surgery from three neurosurgeons.  I was in horrible pain and was hospitalized because of it.  I was given Lily's number by another friend who went through the same thing.  She had been treated years ago by Lily and was still painfree.  After my first visit with Lily I decreased my pain meds within 2 days and was completely off pain meds in a week.  I am an RN in a medical office and I send all my clients to Lily now.  She is a miracle worker and she is extremely sweet.  She saved me from unnnecessary surgery and I will always appreciate that.

Tonya Burke,  Lake Elsinore, California


I had been fit and active until two years ago when I began experiencing pain in my knees.  It became chronic, to the point where I avoided walking upstairs.  I went to my primary care physician seeking help.  All he could offer was drugs for the pain and potential surgery on both knees.  I sought alternative care and found Lily through the recommendation of a friend.  She treated me with myofascial release and educated me about the importance of regular stretching.  Within hours after the first treatment I felt tremendous relief that lasted!  With regular treatments the tightness in my knees began to dissolve and within 6 months I could run up and down stairs free of pain.  I got my legs back without the meds or the surgeon's knife.  I still visit HealthTouch regularly to maintain good flexibility.

Linda Raymond, Menifee, California  


After a motocross accident, I was left with extremely limited mobility in my neck.  Not only was the pain constant, but my shoulders and neck barely moved independent of each other.  After several trips to the Ortho, XRays, an MRI and several months of physical therapy, there was no improvement.  I tried chiropractors, massage, and even acupuncture.  At this point it was a year since the accident with no results or improvement.  I saw an ad in the Yellow Pages for HealthTouch, and figured I'd give it a shot.  After my first visit with Lily, I had immediate and immense improvement in my mobility, and after the second visit it was as if it had never happened!!  I cannot recommend these services highly enough, and have been a regular client ever since.  Lily Fuller's knowledge of the body and her ability to improve nearly any issue is astounding!!  Do yourself a huge favor, and make a visit.

Paul Schwab, Winchester, California 


In early 2009 I developed a running injury while training for my first marathon.  I attempted different treatments including physical therapy, acupuncture, and active release technique(ART).  Although these treatments had been beneficial for past injuries, I received no relief for my strained calf muscle.  After 8 months of rest and immobilizing the muscle, my doctor recommended a MRI, suspecting a muscle tear.  The MRI revealed only a strained muscle and the doctor had no answers for my condition.  Two months later, I found Lily Fuller.

After not being able toexercise for 10 months, I was completely frustrated and depressed.  Lily explained her treatment thoroughly and I was able to see her quickly.  After 2 treatments, my 10 month injury was healed!  I returned to running, completing my first marathon in 2010 and qualified to run the Boston Marathon.  In April 2011 I reached my goal of running the Boston Marathon and re-qualifying for Boston 2012.

I continue to see Lily for treatment.  Lily has made it possible for me to run healthy and painfree.  I have recommended Lily to many of my friends.  Their stories are similar and all have benefitted from her treatment.  She is worth the trip, time and money.

Cathy Olszewski, Temecula, California 


I am 55 years old in decent shape, not overweight, eat reasonably and do 30 minutes a day of stretching exercises.  I wanted to be able to play golf once a week and was thinking I would not be able to as my back was a real problem.

I found Healthtouch through another golf buddy.  After visiting Lily about twice a month for 2-3 months I have been back on the golf course with no pain.  I played twice this week and will play again in a couple of days and have not had back pain.  I can swing the club hard and not worry about pain.

I am really amazed at the results.  The teatment is painless and additional homework and other things I have learned have really been helpful. Previously I had done all the standard treatments; chiropractors, doctors, both general practitioners, orthopedics and physical therapy with limited results.  I really didn't think I would ever be pain free and able to play golf again and magically I am.

I would recommend Healthtouch!!

Matt Kerster, Redondo Beach, CA


Healthtouch has changed my life forever, for the better!  Lily is a sweet professional who helped me when I felt I had tried everything and was desperate to find anything to give me even the slightest bit of pain relief.  Not only has she given me relief, but she has given me my life back.  I was in bed for months with some of the worst chronic pain of my life and with regular visits I can now do yard work, travel and enjoy my family and life again.  I can't thank her enough for what she does, not just for me but for others as well.  She is kind, caring and really does want to help people who come to her door.                                                    

Sarah Sather, Vista, CA             





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